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About us

A promising Turkish company specialized in the field of real estate consultancy and brokerage, based in Istanbul. It has agents in several Arab cities, led by Qatar, and numerous agreements with most of the major construction companies in Istanbul, focusing on foreign real estate investors who want to own property in Turkey. Extensive practical experience and good reputation locally and regionally, which won the confidence of foreign investors and Turkish construction companies.

Our vision

We see Turkey as the next investment paradise, and as it is the paradise of the earth to which tourists come, and also the hopes of investors look to it. We believe in the principle of brotherhood of countries and friendship of peoples, and wherever you are, Turkey is your second home, and the people in it are your family, and the country is your country. Real estate education We publish a series of episodes on real estate ownership in Turkey, and we also translate and publish specialized articles on the Turkish economy, the most important infrastructure developments, new laws related to real estate, and all that matters to the investor and those wishing to own or live in Turkey.

Our approach to choosing the property

We suggest you the property according to your goal of it: investment or housing? Or both? What are the primary features for you: the view, the location, the aesthetics of the building, the government guarantee …? In light of this, we offer you a range of options that are closest to your request, taking into account your budget.

Why Turkey?

Real estate prices in Turkey, where prices are competitive with real estate prices in European countries.

Facilities provided to foreigners as the Turkish government continuously supports construction projects and encourages foreign investors to buy real estate from them.

The possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship, in the case of buying a property worth 250 thousand dollars or more, and this is one of the most important advantages of real estate investment.